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Below is a small sampling of many DHL Consulting projects where FEA was successfully applied to help provide answers to design and structural/mechanical questions ...
  1. Strength Assessment
    Strength Assessment
    Complex 3D models of cast iron pumps created from thousands of IGES curves. Shape and material optimized to reduce weight by 15%.
  2. Dynamic Fatigue
    Dynamic Fatigue
    Structural modeling and dynamics analysis of crane trolley assembly inside wind turbine nacelle. Fatigue analysis of steel locking pin used to ensure desired life was attained.
  3. PCL Programming
    PCL Programming
    New strength assess software for large ships at sea (bulk carriers and oil tankers). Custom Patran/PCL engine for all computer graphics displays and interprocess communications.
  4. Aerospace
    Structural modeling and analysis support of large pod bolted to flying machine. Random vibration and shock using MSC/Nastran, hand calculations, and shaker table.
  5. Manufacturing
    Design and development of Patran/PCL customization for parametric input to FE model generation of sheet glass manufacturing component.
  6. Automotive
    Finite element stress analysis of plastic-fiber composite yoke and gear shifter module. Assessed for maximum static displacement and yielding factor under prescribed load.

ITT AC Pumps, Cincinnatti, OH

CSR Software, Houston, TX 

Harrington Hoists, Mannheim, PA

BAE Systems, Nashua, NH

Corning Glass, Schenectady, NY

Dura Automotive, Dearborn, MI

Acushnet Golf, New Bedford, MA - FEA solid modeling and analysis to study the long-term thermal/structural contact effect of a steel platen exerting 700 tons of pressure on a steel golf ball mold. Thermal expansion causes great friction between the platen and mold and the cyclic heating cooling leads to failures before reaching 300,000 cycles.

Vionx Energy, Woburn, MA - FEA modeling and analysis to study the contact effect of a liquid-filled HDPE tank constrained by a steel container. Apex, Patran, and Nastran solution 400 (implicit nonlinear) was used to accurately consider the 1-inch gap and eventual contact between the tank and container. Structural foam was introduced between the tank and steel to provide extra support. The final design was subjected to double stacking loads and ISO loading limits to predict displacement, maximum stress and to compute factors of safety prior to prototype manufacture.

RH Laboratories, Nashua, NH- Nonlinear durability FEA modeling and analysis to evaulate low cycle thermal fatigue in a Ball Grid Array (BGA) electronics package. This analysis incorporated Coffin-Manson plastic creep strain and manufacturing residual stress with low cycle fatigue in order to estimate mean cycles to failure of the solder BGA.

American Bureau of Shipping, Houston, TX - Provided assistance to an engineering group on how to model nonlinear gap elements to represent the vertical slack of a twist lock hooking mechanism a part of a containership stacking study. I provided drawing schematics, classic equations, and instructions for Nastran input to model linear material stiffness and dynamic sway given a containership rolling motions at sea. Also, a) assisted in nonlinear, progressive collapse bulkhead due to flooding, b) nonlinear stresses induced by large ship in a frozen, ice-covered harbor, and c) stress/strain and failure of steel lashing cables holding stacked containers on deck of containership at sea.
MSC User Conference, Newport Beach, CA - White paper presentation “Integrating Patran with CSR Software for Large Ship Strength Assessment”. Awarded a new iPad for being selected as one of top five out of 51 papers presented at the 3-day conference. This paper was the kernel that led to using MSC/Patran as the graphics engine in the new Common Structural Rules simulation software developed in the subsequent three year project.
Coca Cola, Atlanta, GA - Parametric design study of 12 different coke bottle profiles made of recyclable plastic to identify the top three designs to retain bottle shape when filled with product and pressurized. At $100,000 dollars to manually test each design, using FEA to eliminate nine designs saved the company nearly a million dollars in the manufacture and testing of blow molds.
RH Laboratories, Nashua, NH - Finite element strength and vibration assessment, and heat transfer analysis of an aluminum assembly bolted in cantilevered fashion to a larger system. The purpose of the analysis was to quantify the vibrational response of the component given a specified PSD excitation, to assess the strength of these components subjected to working loads and shock loading, and to determine the steady state heat transfer paths when the component is turned on. A subsequent study was performed to evaluate removal of one connecting screw.
Harrington Hoists, Mannheim, PA - Failure analysis of a welded steel bracket. The part had given way in the field and a chain had fallen over 100 feet and landed on a workman. My analysis showed the design was adequate but two components had been improperly welded together that led to the failure. Other structures in the field had to be checked for similar improper weldments.
Sorvall Products, Inc, Windsor, CT - Stress/Strain analysis of a rotor bucket in a blood analyzer machine. Patran/Nastran was used to simulate acceleration loads due to centrifugal spinup to assess structural integrity.
American Bureau of Shipping, Paramus, NY - Headed up a team of ABS engineers to visit the 15 largest shipyards in the world over a period of several trips to Asia and Europe to better understand the bottlenecks encountered in the creation of large Finite Element modeling of ships. After this six month study, DHL Consulting worked with ABS engineers to design and develop a new Fortran rule engine and a PCL toolkit within Patran to reduce time to perform strength assessment of a vessel from four months to four weeks. DHL presented a white paper at the 1999 IACS Conference in Boston to present our study and development of new tools to be used worldwide.
Toyota Motors, Dearborn, MI - FE modeling and static analysis of Camry differential housing. Toyota engineers could only build a 3D model with solid tetrahedrons. DHL Consulting, using PATRAN, created the same model with solid hexahedron and we found the displacements were underestimated by 30% using the tetrahedron model. Toyota used their modeling tools to quickly optimize the design using the tets, then had DHL Consulting back to build and run the analysis of the final design using the hex idealization.
C&K Components, Inc, Boston, MA - Nonlinear, snap-back analysis of beryllium copper movable contact. Nastran nonlinear solution with two subcases used to move contact fingers to specified displacement, then to release the load to capture final snap back position to predict inelastic response or potential for permanent deformation.
Flexcon Industries, CT - Fatigue analysis of welded aluminum casing for submersible well pump. Final report confirmed design would last 10000 cycles of on/off pump pressurization in excess of a 15 year service life.
Advanced Coronary Technologies, Billerica, MA - Patran/Abaqus maximum principle strain / fatigue analysis of surgical stent implant made of nickel titanium subjected to large oscillating displacement curves. Results were used as part of FDA application for patent.
Pratt Whitney, East Hartford, CT - Design, development and testing of a Patran/PCL system to handle pre- and post-processing of an in-house analysis program for cross sections of aircraft engines. Pratt engineers had been working more than two years to develop but could not get things to work. DHL Consulting started from scratch and the product was delivered in nine months and was used in-house by engineering teams for several years.
Westinghouse, Tysons Corner, VA - Engineers had failed in creation of large, complex 3D finite element model of high pressure nozzle and Nastran results for time-dependent thermal shock could not be obtained. DHL Consulting started from IGES input CAD data, built the model and delivered the final report in six weeks.
Gillette, Boston, MA -  Several FE modeling, nonlinear analyses, and final reports to assess designs of plastic shaver cartridges, packaging, and Papermate pen components to make sure things would not break or show any permanent deformation.
Fisher-Price Toys, East Aurora, NY - Several modeling and analysis projects using PATRAN geometry modeler and plastic analysis of challenging geometries such as a double curved horse saddle and Farmer Joe's hat.