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  1. The Mechanical Engineer - Shape Shifter
    05 Jan, 2017
    The Mechanical Engineer - Shape Shifter
    I think CEOs, HR directors, and even college graduates could all be a little confused as to what is expected when it comes to what we mean by a "Mechanical Engineer".
  2. Solid Bracket with two vertical holes
    04 Jan, 2016
    My first Apex model
    I am, like most finite element analysts out there, new to MSC/Apex. I'm working through the process of coming up to speed and will document my findings along the way. This will help you, should you be evaluating the Apex software. Although I am an MSC Elite Channel Partner for the Apex product, I consider myself independent from MSC and will document my honest assessment of the Apex learning experience. Background Before embarking to create a model from scratch, I have spent perhaps 15 hours to