DHL Consulting
Advanced Computer-Aided Engineering Services
Daron Libby, Owner since 1991
  • 30 years experience using Patran/Nastran for design feasibility and strength assessment studies.
  • Development of advanced PCL-based customized Patran menus and tool sets.
  • Teaching Patran / Femap / Nastran classes throughout USA, Japan, England, Singapore, Korea, Sweden, China, and Germany.
  • Master of Science,     Structural Engineering, Cornell University  1982
        Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering,         University of Maine  1979
Ray Boyd
Accomplished senior sales executive with history of consistently
increasing revenues and exceeding quota in software and services sales.
  • Results driven with keen ability to deliver innovative customer-focused solutions cross-industry in automotive, aerospace, power-generation, bio-medical, electronics and telecommunications industries.
  • Trusted partner, building C-level relationships that deliver customer value and lead to incremental revenue.
  • Proven leadership ability at PDA Engineering, MSC Software, Ansys, Motiva and LMS.
  • Master of Science,     Systems Management, University of Southern California  1978
        Bachelor of Science, Analysis Management, United States Naval Academy         1973
Paul Sepe
  • 30 years experience as computer software consultant
  • Expertise in large data structures, interprocess communication, shared memory, dll structures.
  • Bachelor of Science, Applied Math, Carnegie Mellon 1985

"I love the challenge of tackling the toughest problems ... 
and making accurate strength assessment predictions.  It's fun!"

Over his career, Daron has tackled the most demanding finite element modeling simulations of large structures such as aerospace fuselage and assemblies, airframe shock, fatigue and random vibration, 3D iron and aluminum water pumps, automotive components, crane assemblies within wind turbine structures, fatigue of bolted connections, threaded connections, and surgical implants.

His latest endeavor, and one he is very excited about, is to present the MSC/Apex software as an Elite Reseller agent.
Daron has seen the future ... and the future of Computer-Aided FEA is Apex!
Since 1991 & The Future
Fresh out of Cornell graduate school in 1982, Daron landed at Rockwell International in Downey, California to join the Space Shuttle engineering team in the field of structural and dynamics analysis.
As one of the pioneers at Rockwell, Daron helped modernize the company from keypunching IBM cards and submitting Nastran analysis input decks ... to using PDA Engineering's PATRAN® software for Finite Element modeling and analysis, cutting analysis turnaround from months to weeks.
Two years later, Daron joined PDA Engineering to develop Patran interfaces to Nastran, Ansys, Abaqus, and Marc. Then he became Technical Director of PDA's Patran technical support, where he managed the Patran Hotline, organized worldwide user groups and conferences, and developed and taught Patran/Nastran classes throughout the world.
In 1991, Daron left PDA just prior to the MSC merger, and formed his own consulting proprietorship. Since that time, Daron has completed consulting projects for many Fortune 500 companies including Gillette, Pratt Whitney, Westinghouse, American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyds Register, Corning, MSC Software, and BAE Systems.